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Igreja do Convento dos Cardaes. Perspectiva atrás da grade conventual

A story of resilience

Convento dos Cardaes

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The 17th century building is a jewel in the city, on its own right. It survived the 1755 earthquake and is one of the few pre-Pombaline structures in existence today. It houses a significant collection of sacred and decorative arts, preserved over the centuries by devoted sisters. The pride and joy of the Convent is, nevertheless, the social work initiated in the XIX century and still well alive in the presente day: the caring of women with special needs, such as blindness, who cal the Convent their home and family.

Utentes do Convento dos Cardaes a pintar. Solidariedade
Aula de ginástica das utentes do Convento dos Cardaes. Voluntariado
Grade conventual da Igreja dos Cardaes
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