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Desenho do Convento dos Cardaes

We welcome special people into a family for life

Associação Nossa Senhora Consoladora dos Aflitos (ANSCA)


In the 19th century, blind women were particularly vulnerable to abuse, marginalization and poverty. It was in this context that a group of ladies led by the 3rd Countess of Rio Maior founded the Nossa Senhora Consoladora dos Aflitos Association in 1848. The idea, at the time, was profoundly innovative, as it took in the poorest of the poor. In 1877, the Cardaes Convent was given over to this social work and the care of the users was handed over to the Dominican Sisters.
Today, the Association of Our Lady Consoler of the Afflicted is a Private Social Solidarity Institution that provides care for the blind and other women with special needs. A community of Dominican Sisters lives in the Cardaes Convent, taking care of 35 women with special needs on a full-time basis, with the help of technicians, assistants and external volunteers for the various activities. The Nossa Senhora Consoladora dos Aflitos Association is also responsible for the administration, heritage conservation and cultural animation of the Cardaes Convent. special needs in a family for life

The building

The Cardaes Convent was founded by D. Luísa Távora in 1681 for the Discalced Carmelite nuns, the year in which the Foundress moved in, although the work was only completed in 1703. It follows 17th century architecture and is adapted to the strict Carmelite Rules, which limit contact with the world. The exterior is robust and austere, but inside there are decorative treasures such as the church with its gilded altars, the nave covered in panels of Dutch tiles and, on the upper level, a painting attributed to António Pereira Ravasco and André Gonçalves. The building occupies a total area of 5,000 square meters, which is further divided into a Communion Room, Sacristy, Marian Room, Passion Room, Cloisters, Refectory, Cloister Staircase, Oratory, Chapel of Saint Joseph, Antechorus, High Choir and Chapter Room.

Utentes do Convento a brincar no Claustro
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